Friday, March 22, 2013

A hug

I wrote him for days... About love, about feelings. I was desperately trying to explain things I myself couldn't understand very well. I don't even remember how many words I sent him, must be thousands.He didn't reply. Hours, days, weeks passed before he wrote back to me. Do you know what he said? "I read your mails thousand times, and I just didn't know what to say, what to do to make you feel better..."

And the truth is I just needed a hug. I just needed him to hug me so that I can feel safe, that I can feel like I belong, but... I couldn't say it, and he couldn't understand it.

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One of those lives (fragment) by Balasevic

That night, I spoke with silence the most beautiful words I know...
Once she said she'd give anything to hear what I speak with silence, and I revealed a secret about an ancient tree that grows on nobody's land between nine farms, in phantasmagoric oasis which mirages itself in Sahara of wheat only when it wants to, so that not even the most sherwd geometers never succeeded in conquering it with their instruments.
And so, usualy in some bright nigh, a swarm of Unspoken Words irreversibly evades from hive of thoughts and searching for a new place insanely tries to reveal a shortcut to nearest stars, but... It's unknown. Noone but shifty wanderer of Look has ever succeeded getting There...
And then, when they start to tiredly tumble, Wind picks the most beautiful ones, plants it's fluffy curls under them like little pillows, and tenderly pulls fine brush of that larg treetop through it's hair...
"And Unspoken Words remain to twinklein leaves of the old tree" I told her "like the smell of your hair in my amber comb."
"Forever?" she asked fearfully
"Oh, no!" I corrected myself "I forgot that "Forever" doesn't exist."

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Waiting... Seconds, minutes, hours
disappearing into infinity... Waiting drives us crazy, but often we are not aware that it's our
choice, not the only option. Do not wait for anyone, live! Yes, there are people who are worth waiting for, but... If they are meant to be part of our lives, they will somehow find
their way into it, regardless of the fact that we
didn't stop to live in order to wait for them.

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Where should I go not to love you?

I'm not counting the years anymore,
I'm not even living
in this reality.
I'm not giving myself anymore,
and I'm not waiting for anyone
because I know it's not you.
Day after day,
I'm getting closer to my truth.
I'm keeping what I don't have,
I'm keeping everything you were.
Where should I wake up
not to search for you
in other people?
Where should I go not to love you?
Where, when you come to my dreams
to kiss you like I used to
and to hug your soul?
What's it worth now that I'm asking myself
whether you're alone like me
in these cold nights?
I have never admitted to you;
my sun stayed
in your eyes


* Song performed by Serbian singer Jelena Tomasevic

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Love Forever

Have you ever told your loved one you will love him/her forever? I have... Those people are not part of my life anymore. I just think you can't be that certain about forever! Life can surprise you with another person that might be better for you in every way. And what happens then? Your "forever" becomes a lie. So...

There is just one problem... When you tell someone you can't promise eternal love, they become doubtful... Somehow people prefer to live in that sweet illusion of forever. If it's not a problem for you to lie then you can promise whatever you want, but... I think it is much better to promise you will try hard to make things work, that you will give yourself entirely in order to make your relationship the most beautiful experience... To be honest, supportive, faithful, kind... To be the best version of you in order to keep the one you love by your side. <3

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Hot & Cold

You're always hot & cold, black & white...
Playing games.
I'm tired...
I need warmth and colors.

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