Thursday, June 6, 2013


I have this little list I call "To visit list" and it contains many places: big cities, villages of foreign countries, seas, lakes, mountains... Of course it also contains many places from my homeland. All beautiful places I run into while surfing the web. Yesterday someone asked me if I've ever been to a certain lake in my country and I said "No, but it's on my list." And well, since that someone occupies my mind very much lately, I woke up thinking about that question. I took my list to go through it just to remind myself of all the places I wish to see. I was thinking of reasons why I put those places on my list, and it turned out I had the same reason for each one...

As I thought about visiting those places, I always imagined having someone by my side to share that experience with me. Someone to take funny pictures with in front of Eiffel tower, Pyramids, Stonehenge... Someone to experience nightlife of all big cities in the world... But also someone who will hold my hand as we walk in beautiful green forests of Ireland, someone to be silent with while drinking some fine wine and enjoying stunning sunsets of Santorini, someone to hug me during our morning walk along the coasts of Portugal, France, Spain... Someone who will belong to me and whom I will belong to.

Do I have the favorite place on my list? Yes, I do! It's called - Anywhere, as long as I don't travel alone.

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Respect Or Love?

What is more important? To love someone or to respect someone? A friend told me that both of these have their advantages, but that nothing is worth if there is no "spark".

Well... I don't know if I agree on this one. I think there can be no love without respect. My opinion is that love alters through years. Some of you may disagree with it, but the truth is that everything alters - people, cuircumstances, world... So if the person you love alters in some way that you don't like you'll just turn around and walk away if you have no respect for them. But if there is respect for that person, for time spent with them, you'll have enough strength to stay and fight to make it through together. And in the end, if you have respect for yourself you'll treasure everything you have.

Bond between love and respect is unbreakable.

Monday, June 3, 2013


When little, we cry every day when dear people leave us because we're afraid they won't come back. But they always do. So, how come we never get used to it? Why do we never feel calm knowing that, when dear people leave, they will surely come back one day? Why does it always hurt and scare us?