Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Our worlds are all made of pieces. Big, small, old, new, round, squared, wrinkled, shiny... They come in all colors, shapes and materials you can think of. Sometimes it's hard to imagine how can all of them hold together and make such a perfect unity called life.

I think it's all in the way we act. We are the ones who put it all together with everything we do or don't do, with the way we choose to respond to what happens in our lives, with everything we say, everything we feel... We make it work just the way we want to. It comforts me to know this because every time my world breaks into pieces, I am aware it was never a whole, just a bunch of pieces I myself put together. And if I could do it once, I can do it again.

Every major event in our lives changes our worlds by adding pieces or taking them away. I am talking about pleasant events, of course. Ones that are not pleasant are the ones that break our worlds... death, break-up, separation, loss... They will always affect us that way. What we need to know is that we can just simply take the pieces and put them back together. In the process, some pieces will be thrown away, but new ones will replace them along the road. And that is the reason why this life is so magical. You can rebuild it over and over again!