Thursday, August 22, 2013

Touch Of Silk

Tender, pure, soft, warm and somehow unreal. A touch most of us can just dream about... You think you can get that kind of touch only with someone whom you share deep feelings with. So you dream about that profound love that will move all of your senses, you dream about the person who will make you feel with every piece of your heart, soul, mind and body. And you wait, wondering if it will ever happen to you... You live for that precious moment of magic with that special person.

But life is tricky and full of surprises. It always gives you what you want, just not in the way you want it. It makes you break the rules, it makes you stop thinking, and it makes you trade months of waiting for magical for something purely physical. Animal instinct... But you go for it. Just this one time! You expect a night full of somewhat wild, non-emotional pleasure, and you get... You get that magic you always dreamed about... Smooth joy to raise you above the reality and moments of calmness to take you back to the ordinary.

Then he takes you home and tells you not to overthink... The words remind you of  that special someone who used to be part of your biggest dream and you know you will do nothing but think. Wake up the next day and ask yourself  "Can someone really do this without having any feelings at all?" And you know the answer is "No." Well, at least the feelingless one
is not you.