One and Only

Surrounded by men who are completely different in their way of thinking and attitude towards life, yet all of them have something in common - they want me. Their wishes vary depending mostly on their relationship status and age. Some want a relationship, marriage, family while others offer dating, sex, fun...
And me? I feel like someone dropped me in that crowd and I just spin in circles trying to figure out if there might actually be one among them I would choose.

I see him standing alone, far away from the crowd. Handsome, not very pretty but beautiful, strong energy... If you get closer you can see the fire within those eyes. Just one deep look and you're hypnotized. It's just yet another moment in which I allow myself to admit that my love will hardly ever belong to someone else. None of the men in crowd carry that beauty within, none of them set my soul on fire, none of them inspire me to be better than the person I already am, none of them make me feel comfortable enough to take down the mask of an insensitive lady, none of them liberate me enough to take off my shoes and dance barefoot in the rain...

He is the one who will always stand out from the crowd.

He is the one I love.

And, as scared as it makes me, I resign myself to the fact that (in a way) I allways will. :)

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